Management Team

Kileshwer Prasad Kaiwartya
Kileshwer Prasad
Director Business Development
Kileshwer Prasad co-founded Shivam Infosoft in the year 2018 along with 3 other industry professionals. Currently he holds the position of Director Business Development. A post graduate in software engineering, Kileshwer has more than 5 years of professional experience in varied industries. Currently Kileshwer is responsible for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships.
Pankaj Kashyap
Pankaj Kashyap
Managing Director
As a Managing Director of Shivam Infosoft, Pankaj will play a key role in Business Strategy Planning, overall organizational development, operations, including human resources development, process & quality management. Pankaj is actively involved in framing the Employee Benefit Programs, HR policies & Performance Management System.
Vikash Panday
Vikash Panday
Software Architect
Vikash is a Post Graduate Software Engineer, highly experienced individual responsible for overseeing the technical design of the software. Determines the technology stack to use, as well as overseeing engineering discipline and coaching other team members where necessary.
Prakash Sahu
Prakash Sahu
Senior Software Engineer
Prakash is a Post Graduate Software Engineer, with 5+ years of business experience including software development, software design, architecture, team management, business analysis, business modeling and company administration. He has developed complex and critical solutions catering to domains including warehouse management, mobile computing, shipping, retail, education and ecommerce.
Vikash Sahu
Vikas Sahu
Software Tester & Android Developer
With a Master's degree in Computer Science, Vikas is responsible for quality assurance of the software and development. Vikas is a key player in the team to ensure that the product is release ready.